Problem With Spectators + Other Suggestions

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    25 Oct 2019
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    1. There's a major problem with spectators taking on average 20 player spots, sometimes it's as much as half the server, the problem is that even if there are admins apparently they're not allowed to kick spectators for some reason? There should be an easier solution, such as server plugin that auto kicks any player that's been spectating for longer than a couple of minutes, or not allowing to spectate at all.

    2.Been talking with a lot of people and all agree that it was way more fun when only b123 guns were allowed, can't we start a poll or something regarding this? As b4 scope guns are the best more than half of the server are using them and camping for the most part, I remember back in the old days people weren't camping that much, because they had only b123 guns.

    3.I think respawning as ZMs instead of CTs would improve the game - rounds would be faster and quicker and it would be way more fun for the remaining CTs.

    4. Another idea is to respawn as CTs only if your KD score is at a certain rate, or give any other type of incentive for killing ZMs.
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    thank you for your suggestions,
    I will be further discussing this with the team
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