RTV function is very small on your server

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    Can't you make the vote function so, that the first few maps are the ones which were played recently on this server and the other half of the map candidats are maps which weren't played on the server in a long time?

    Or even increase the amount of candidats to 20. First 5 can be last played maps, next 5 are very popular maps(according to banana), next 5 are maps which weren't played in a long time(highschoolMap) and the last 5 maps could be random maps

    You currently have only 7 maps or so to choose from on rtv. How does !nominate work?
    And it's always the same maps. Like dictatorship.
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    Hello poky,

    our nomination list is sorted alphabetically. As their are only 10 numbers on our keyboards (0-9) and as the plugin is based on numbers to choose I dont see a possibility to increase options in votes (although I am not a coder...).

    !nomination works easy: we got 7 slots for maps, if all 7 are taken you can't nominate a map until next map. First three options (1-3) have been spammed in past (often used to change weapons), thats why they are no longer map choices.

    Being quick in nomination is important, as 80% of votes are won by first nomination (players tend to choose the first map while voting). So if you want your favourite map(s) to be played more often: Make sure to !nominate if a new map begins. If a map got rtv'ed those first 7 guys who nominated a map are lucky. If no maps (or less than 7) are nominated it's a simple map rotation afaik.

    Hope my answer helps a bit.
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