Some ideas on how to populate Elite Hunterz v1 server


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9 Mar 2022
The v1 server as it appears is literally empty for the majority of the day. With the exception of a few anomalies playing like beta testers. I have saved v1 to my favourites and can keep a tab on this server’s player population, which I do often.
It would seem that when you try to join v3 at full capacity you are met with a pop up message telling you to join v1! I can sometimes see the admins even in chat trying to convince the players to migrate to v1. Or just trying to raise awareness that they’re going to v1.
At best, Elite Hunterz would cajole you into v1 at some point.

But why should players go to v1? Is V1 more fun? Is it more exciting? Is it different? What separates v1 from v3? What promises can v1 make? Well, here are some questions that no admin wants to tackle in game chat.
Below I have outlined some problems for v1 and how to fix it (from my point of view anyway).


- Rounds end too quickly with humans winning 90% of the time.

- Zombies not motivated to hunt, just getting shot across the place or just standing still to respawn as human.

- Same maps played as in v3

On occasions zombie players argue that humans camp too much or a map is outright too campy (In v3 maps). This argument has lead to some maps being removed.
Instead of adding maps which is considered a ‘hunting’ map where the zombies become way too op. But perhaps granting exclusive abilities for the zombies, for example zombies usage of some human equipment. To add, letting zombies use Flash grenade or evening enabling a speed boost for the zombies. Below I have expanded on this further.

My suggestions to populate v1:

- Adding a vast variety of map choice which have not been played before (At least not on v3)

- Getting some mods on the server. For example, adding prop spawn

- Letting zombies use/buy weapons if the rounds drag for too long

- experimental guns for the zombies like the gravity gun (If its compatible)

- VC is already enabled which is a step in the right direction

- Changing the time played on a single round. For example making a 10 minute round, where the more time progresses, the more dangerous the zombies become (speed boost, gravity boost, size boost etc.)

- players can vote to play Zombie Escape maps!

Might I add, who suggested that humans are the ones to hunt zombies? Its actually the zombies that are supposed to hunt the humans (just like in the movies?) Who’s to say the zombies are not the Elite Hunterz? With this perspective zombies should be a little more armed and dangerous!
My proposal is to make v1 an experimental server, where the admins are not afraid of trying out new ideas! If they want to keep v3 as is, fine! But v1 is an opportunity, to start different and even the playing field.

If you have any suggestions to add to this post or issues please detail them below. All opinions are welcomed.
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12 Apr 2017
Every Tuesday some of us join and it's always empty. Today no different. Some regular v1 players join, some from v3 only when v3 is full so then they leave. It's either a couple of us wait it out in hope more people join or just leave because it's a gamble. Saturday is usually busier but then again it depends. Maybe move it to another weekday or Sunday. Sunday was almost as busy but it's not like how it used to be - I remember many years ago. Why not bring back more events? Maybe only for v1? Or perhaps start a credit system where by playing more regularly, the more you get then you can trade those credits to get hats, trails etc. This is popular in other communities in CS:S and TF2. Also bring back Agent Smith skin, perhaps as a free skin for those who've donated in the past (like me).


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9 Mar 2022
Now that I think about it. The feedback forum is for bug fixes and glitches it would seem. It doesn't seem apparent to me that none but the aforementioned is practical. And not to forget the list I made above which isn't feasible in terms of effort. Not one admin on here is willing to bring these changes into light. Even if it could potentially bring added recurring revenue for the server, it still doesn't compute to the masses in power.

I understand this is an 18-year-old game, but the fact that the server reaches full population often speaks volumes. I just don't think the current team running this server have the appetite to apply such changes. Although the v3 server does have significant potential, the VIP system on there is lacking too. Just look at the choices of skin selection you're given, it's like looking at the different types of painkiller medication you have in your drawer. Yeah, not many. You'd think by now they would have like at least 50+.
Nobody on here has the motivation to even talk about current mods on here and how to improve them.

But speaking of effort and motivation. The priorities of an admin lies on the monitoring of the players. That effort can be spared. I will expand on this further as this outlines one of the main reasons why nothing substantial has been done up until now and subsequently.

Players on Elite Hunterz v3 are literally getting punished for not shooting the zombies? seriously? Yeah, imagine letting your younger brother play Counter Strike: Source Zombie Mod for the very first time. He'd join the zombies in the disco room with some humans then experience his very first medication of authoritarianism because he didn't knife the humans. What is this? marshal law? Never knew players had a job to do on the server. And if you don’t complete your homework regardless of your language or age, you’re getting banned. Ouch.
When I was younger, I’d play zombie mod 24/7 and I don’t reclaim a single memory where I got banned because I didn’t kill the zombies/humans...

Today’s zombie mod is unrecognisable and feint. It’s like a shadow of what it used to be. It wants to be better but doesn’t know how to be. It’s like being a parent for the first time. You don’t want to follow others advice because you think you know your child better. But then your child becomes unresponsive. So, in turn, you become abusive. There just doesn’t seem to be a structure for supporting and applying changes for the players on here. Or at least there isn’t enough.

The only reason I still played on this server up to this point is because of my history with this game and with zombie mods in general. The only reason my tone is so much more different now than with my original post, is because of a recent event in game. I was frozen in-game by an admin because I didn’t knife a human as a zombie. Was it a big deal? No. But in retrospect, this simple freeze put things into perspective, which set the tone. This literally broke whatever hopes I had of this server could promise for the players. Believe me whatever punishments I’ve had before this was my own fault but this one hurts like a bad memory. Why? Because this one simple freeze was like a reminder, I’d missed this entire time. It reminded me of the distorted transition, that zombie mods have been undergoing all these years.

During the peak of Zombie Mods on Counter Strike Source, none of the above even mattered. Not even teamkilling mattered. Because you would be apart of a bigger horde of zombies which was way more exciting. More zombies always promised excitement. Someway somehow players got their daily fix with ZM servers. Being salty because you got teamkilled was short-lived. But by the end of the day, you liked it. Which made you come back tomorrow for more.

This version of Zombie mod feels too controlled or forced. It’s trying to simulate an environment that invoke natural feelings of fear and excitement which was naturally progressive during ZM’s heydays. But unfortunately, admins have their priorities defined through authoritarianism, by punishing a player for simple misgivings. Instead of using their position to find better ways to improve the server for the players, they would rather exercise their position on paper through coercion. This has become the de-facto blueprint for todays Zombie servers. Even in Zombie Escape servers this is also a common problem.

What I have discussed on this post is the prime reason why this server won’t be any greater than what it already is.

Those in charge just doesn’t have the stomach to roll out the changes simply put.

It has also reminded me why my original post can never come to fruition. People who come on here are those who have already been here from the past or who have been referred directly.
I hope this answers the questions by anyone who has had a similar thought of why has this server not… etc.
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