Important Who is allowed to write in Ban/Unban Requests

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25 Mar 2010
I've seen enough discussions now so i want to make it very very clear.

There are only some people that are allowed to write inside a thread:

Unban requests:
ONLY the banned player and the admin who banned him are allowed to post replies!
Whoever is not involved mustn't post anything. If you think you have something really useful to say and you have proofs for what you want to say, then go ahead and post it. We will not punish you if it's something clever.

Ban requests:
ONLY the requester of the ban, the admins, and the player that is involved in the ban request are allowed to reply to the thread!
Anyway, everyone is free to post proofs ONLY if they have them. I want to remind you that what will happen is due to our decision (admins, SPA, HA), so your word is not needed. DO NOT POST things like "GIVE HIM 3 months", "well done he deserved it", "shut up", "yeah ban him" and so on. This will lead into a punishment.

What will be done if you don't respect those rules:
You will get a warning first, an infraction then. If you get a second infraction we may decide to suspend your account for a certain amount of time.

I hope you understand and obey to those very simple rules from now on.

Have a nice day!
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