[ZombieHunting V1] Respawn discussion thread


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27 Oct 2013
Great with the respawn i think. Now if you just joined a round 20 seconds in, you dont have to sit and wait 5 minutes for a new round. aswell if you die.
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EliteHunterz Clan Member
7 Nov 2016
Hi, have been playing on EH for a little while and just wanted to share an idea which could lead to a better gaming experience for the players.
To be honest, if I were you, I would just remove respawn completely, but I understand that you care about high numbers.

How about we just set the amount of respawns to 1 then. That way, people would be more careful and not just commit suicide all the time. It would also make it easier for zombies to win on the usual maps.
For instance, on maps like palace, cbbl, marbble, etc., zombies have a hard time getting to certain places because of the amount of ct's, and even if they manage to get them, after a short amount of time many respawn and just go to the same spots over and over again.

With the current respawn count - which is atleast 2( tried it out when 52 people were online) - it is extremely hard for zombies to win. With a res count of 1, however, zombies would have a greater chance of winning more and at the same time make it more challenging for ct's. As someone mentioned already there would also be less chaos because of all the (invisible)respawners, and even if some were to be killed twice, I don't think that being dead and spectating for some time is a bad thing. People could take a little break, reflect on what they did wrong, or actually learn something new by watching others like I used to do when there was no respawn. Sure, some players may leave if they have to wait for too long, but I doubt that it will have a great impact on player numbers, since many often even wait in queues to connect to the server.