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    SK Server

    omg u so good sense of this thread? none. closed
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    feel welcomed here and enjoy your stay !
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    Ban Request: Phönix
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    Unban Request: LosT

    extended due to third ban in 3 days to 1 week
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    Unban Request: Mohammad

    Hello, I think this is your ban: You've got banned for shooting in the ct spawn area, dont do that anymore please, because its forbidden. Your ban already expired and you can go and play again, but please follow the...
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    Unban Request: Tyler Durden

    Ban reason changed to "Inappropriate language", ban reduced to 1 month because there was no provoking or what so ever. Still 1 month because of your behaviour Kiwi found in the logs and because its your 3rd ban for foul language...
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    Unban Request: Tyler Durden

    Please post the chatlog here for which you have banned him.
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    Unban Request: Tyler Durden

    I've checked the chatlogs and tbh I dont see Tyler provoking anyone. He said: "dont say nigger you will get ban." and in my humble opinion that is never a reason to kick him. Of course that word isnt allowed on our server, but the admins could have calmly explain him to not use this word as its...
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    Fooz's ban

    how about no? every admin that watched the demo saw a clear hack, also deanburger confirmed it. i havent seen the demo but i trust them very much to go with the right decision. we arent here to play games with you (even in the offtopic section) you are not in the right position to do here what...
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    Admin_Sounds and Evil rocket?

    newcomers wont get scared by some sounds.. we could set a time gap between the sounds. like if you play a sound you need to wait for 20-40 seconds for the next one. i dont think anyone would abuse it then
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    Admin_Sounds and Evil rocket?

    Thats what I said @Niko: youve said it yourself, newcomers are rare nowadays. and our standard players will wait the 2 minutes max where they'll have to download some sounds tbh
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    Admin_Sounds and Evil rocket?

    that does not make a change tbh, because a player maybe wants to hear the sounds sometimes, and sometimes not. we could add a plugin which can be used by our players if they dont want to hear the sounds
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    Admin_Sounds and Evil rocket?

    the problem is that it will get abused again, admins will play sounds constantly, and at some point it starts to get annoying. also we have a lot of players that play while listening to music, or whilst being on teamspeak, and that also doesnt work together, tbh deleting the sounds was the...
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    Unban Request: nachtie

    lies dir mal jeden deiner posts in diesem thread durch, und dann sag mir wer wen verbessern sollte. (wallhack? dont use!.. lol) ban stays and thread locked until ha decides different.