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The pain

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17 Jul 2010
In-game name:Mr.LĹ

Age: Almost 17

Steam username: m7mdxragal

Can you speak english and german?: I can speak english but I'm not good at all at german :S

Clan history (if none, leave blank): Deadly Hunterz , The Haunted , enarage , infected and deadly rapers

Any serious bans before?: Yes and it was a heavy reason when I was a kid..

Do you have a microphone?: yes I do

Why do you desire becoming part of the Elite Hunterz (This is important): I would like to join EH because I believe that Elite Hunterz is the best zombie clan I'v ever seen. Another thing, it stands since 2 - 3 years ago which is the best thing in a clan is to be united. I know almost all of EH clan members very well.

Where you referred to this clan? If Yes, Who referred you?: EH Salem

Last but not least: tell something about you, your life, your hobbies, etc etc:There is nothing special about me xD. Allright, my name is Abubaker and I am from United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi. Right now I'm studying an engineering science cluster. There is nothing better than hanging out with friends and playing CSS for sure . One of my favorite hobbies is boxing :D

I will be inactive for 2 weeks because I have term 1 exams :)
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