Earn free bitcoin watching youtube

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    A Crypto Google Chrome and Firefox App verified by google on their store and firefox

    This app Removes advertisements from all websites you visit like Adblocker, (this is same adblocker) and it turns them into Bitcoin (bittube) You convert them to bitcoin and send them to your bitcoin adress.

    It gives you a wallet and you earn free tube everyday, for more advanced uses you can send these right to exchange.

    You are earning free money watching youtube, being on facebook, listening to soundcloud and all websites you visit. You can also stake (buy some tube to earn more tube everyday)

    Crypto prices you can find here https://coinmarketcap.com/ bitcoin is going viral again from 4000 usd to 6700 usd in 1 month.

    PS, im allowed to post this.

    Bitcoin price

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