strongly increasing rules on

Discussion in '[CS:S] EliteHunterZ's ZombieHunting & more' started by Law_Enforcement, 10 Jul 2020.

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    28 May 2018
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    Strongly increasing the rule not to suicide to teamkill on ZM_Canals_classic

    going in harder than ever before for most admins now, people always suicide / kill themselfs when CT are hunting in that little room.

    getting most admins catched up on this cause no they weren't very strict on this at all before so don't come with that one, tightening up the laws.
  2. easy

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    25 Oct 2013
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    It's interrupting the game play and already a reason to ban. Thing is admins must be sure it is on purpose to prevent punishing a noob who falls down. Also those kind of actions are generally hard to catch. Not everybody who dies is suiciding on purpose mate. Only a dedicated admin in spec has a realistic chance to observe this (eg if somebody moves up, jumps down, moves up, jumps down again and so on).
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