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Discussion in 'Admin Recruitment' started by Nikooo777, 27 Feb 2015.

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  1. WispySkies

    WispySkies Ex-Admin Ex Admin

    15 Feb 2016
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    Ingame name wispyy
    Steam profile link https://steamcommunity.com/id/wispyskies
    SteamID STEAM_0:0:101220101
    Age 15 in 16 days
    Location United States

    English knowledge Advanced
    Other languages n/a
    Timezone UTC-4
    Favourite GoFree Surf Servers Aircontrol
    Past admin experience
    GoFree seems to be lacking something. Me. Jokes aside, I think I would be a good fit for your staff team and would like to come back in hopes to see GoFree at it's peak again.
    About me
    Hard to explain, but if you remember me just toss it out. I'm sure if you were in slack at the time the truth came out. If you don't know me, just an average nerd who surfs :D
    Referred by Havoc and Soph probably ;c. Blair, red, water
  2. Ræven

    Ræven New Member GoFree admin

    10 Mar 2018
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    Ingame name Ræven
    Steam profile link http://steamcommunity.com/id/r43v3n
    SteamID STEAM_0:0:155987680
    Age 16
    Location Copenhagen, Denmark

    English knowledge Advanced
    Other languages Danish, Turkish, tiny bit of German
    Timezone UTC+1
    Favourite GoFree Surf Servers I used to spend a lot of time on the 24/7 lux-server before it got changed. Now I usually play on the ALL MAPS-server.
    Past admin experience

    My motivation to become an admin on the servers stems from being quite active in the servers and the urge to try out something new. Since I do not have any experience in administrating any server, I have thought that it would be a fun experience to try it out for the first time. The reason I am applying to become an admin for the Go-Free servers is mainly because I have been spending a lot of my time surfing on a variety of the servers for a year or two. My experience in the servers has always been positive. I have met a lot of great people, who also motivate me to apply :)
    About me
    I'm currently 16 years old and will be turning 17 in three months. I'm in my first year of high school where I study Computer Science, which is quite fun :D
    I have a job at a grocery store, but I only go to work twice a month.
    My life in itself isn't that interesting. I'm always home (99% of the time besides being at school of course) and rarely busy doing things, which is another reason why I think it would be fun to become an admin, since nothing 'exciting' or 'new' is happening in my life.
    My hobbies consist of playing games, but I currently play CS:GO quite a lot, trying to improve at both match making and surfing. I also like to draw and paint, but I don't do that as often any longer, since I'm mostly occupied with playing games.
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  3. dzani

    dzani Member GoFree admin Donator

    26 Jul 2016
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    Ingame name Dzani
    Steam profile link https://steamcommunity.com/id/DzaniVacBand/
    SteamID STEAM_1:0:152387436
    Age 20
    Location canada

    English knowledge Intermediate
    Other languages french
    Timezone EST
    Favourite GoFree Surf Servers aircontrol 24/7
    Past admin experience
    i was a mod on go-free for a brief amount of time. i also was a Garry's mod dark RP mod a while back.
    i have been a member of go-free serf servers for a very long time now and i believe that i can be a great part of the team in terms of my knowledge what makes go-free a good server and what makes a good surf server. there is still a lot to be polished in the servers and i belive i can help with that.
    About me
    I am a 20 years old collage student in Canada. I have a part time job a a local gym. I manly surf as a hobby.
    Referred by Hex, Oli
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