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Discussion in 'Admin Recruitment' started by NoMatt3r, 24 Sep 2014.

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  1. MrLayon

    MrLayon New Member

    10 May 2020
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    Ingame name MrLayon
    Steam username MrLayon
    SteamID STEAM_1:0:31075913
    Age 22 years
    Location Luxembourg

    English knowledge Advanced
    Other languages French, Portuguese, German and Luxemburgish
    Previous bans
    No previous bans
    Past admin experience
    I already had experience as an admin on roleplays, ba jails, minigames and FFA servers.
    I would like to be admin on your servers to help the admins because there are so many players on your servers that it needs a few more admins to help out. It's also because your team is known worldwide.
    About me
    My name is Maxime and i'm 22 years old. I like to play football and i'm studying marketing in my high school.
    Referred by
    Favourite Server Zombie Hunting V1, Zombie Hunting V3
  2. Rifle

    Rifle New Member

    2 Oct 2019
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    Ingame name Rifle
    Steam username OriSensei
    SteamID STEAM_0:0:145517657
    Age 26
    Location Serbia

    English knowledge Intermediate
    Other languages Serbian
    Previous bans

    Past admin experience

    So that i can punish rule breakers [of course probably i would have limited options for punishments or i could just warn ppl]

    To cast votes for special maps [yay :3]

    To be admin on Saturdays and Sundays [since i have noticed that on those 2 days there are never any admins :shrug:]

    To drink coffee and remain in Specs and to fish for MISCHIEVOUS rule breakers [ones that do tiny rule breaks and get away with it such as:

    zm_cbble : blocking on Moo sign [so the player stands for few seconds preventing other players to jump on box and moves when the infection starts], cade destroyers at spawn [cage cade],

    zm_4way: killing ppl who jump from the platform to water surface at bottom [player jumps and falls onto the other player and dies], push up elevator trolls [who keep elevator from other ppl to use it], blockers above push up elevator, team killers at spawn elevator [mostly zombies do it], door closers [i keep seeing lots of them when no admins around], player who gets to elevator and uses it while not waiting for his team [solo ele boys].

    zm_rush_final and zm_fast_final: train box and breakable wooden box at spawn [would punish those who would be bad]

    To enjoy burning up Rejoiners naps xD
    About me
    Gender: Male
    Name: Alexander
    Age: 26
    Hair: Brown, Short and Dense
    Eyes: Boring Brown :/
    Height: 185-190cm [not quite sure]
    Weight: Skinny
    Life Status: Unemployed [worked on small jobs but i lost 7 years of being jobless... I blame myself and my country's institution systems of course. Still trying to get a job!], Living with Parents [Mother and Father], Grandmother and 2 Sisters [older Sister and younger Twin Sister], no Girlfriend [never had one :/]

    Having interests in: Hydraulics, Electronics [Electrolythic Capacitors, LED Diodes, Laser Diodes, PIR Sensors, DC Motors, Solar Panels, Generators], PC's, Cars. Well you can see list of my Interests on my Forum account duuh! xD

    Hobbies: Was codding a game that was written in C# [got self taught at C# and use of Visual Studio IDE], Was rigging avatars in Blender [Creating Skeletons for mesh, weight painting] and then importing into Unity and doing additional setups and then exporting to VRChat, Drinking Coffee, Bicycle Driving, Photography [Sky, Nature, Animals and random stuff]

    Skills: Drilling [metal and wood], Welding, using Hammer Drill [Hilti], Cutting metal or wood, Pluming, Making Concrete, good knowledge of [ Tools, Electrical installations, Cables, Fuses ] and ability to fix problems related to them, Disassembly and Reparation of 1 Phase and 3 Phase Asynchronous AC Motors, Disassembly and reassembly of some electric devices [i fixed our washing machine and dish washing machine, had to disassemble them of course :D]

    A potential of mine that got wasted due to monetary issues. I feel that i'd do great stuff if i was more skilled in knowledge and school level xD [even some professors said that it's a shame] [would even have an op job that's for sure]. I am not much proud of my life to tell you the truth. Though i am proud of what i have and of my family <3. Sometimes i feel useless and a burden to some ppl.
    Referred by DELTAFORCE, SOUR, Roach3558
    Favourite Server Zombie Hunting V3
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  3. TheBestio

    TheBestio Ex-Admin Ex Admin Donator

    1 Aug 2013
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    Ingame name TheBestio
    Steam username TheBestio
    SteamID STEAM_0:0:19015915
    Age 33
    Location Italy

    English knowledge Advanced
    Other languages spanish, french, german, greek
    Previous bans
    2 many years ago (In just realized, had no idea) and 1 more recently by Paw for honestly no reason (check chats)
    Past admin experience
    I've been admin for the STFU community on every servers for about 4 years but then I had to resign since my ping on their american servers was too high from Europe (i was in Australia before).
    Then I've also been admin here a couple of times for I have no idea how long.
    I was admin before, I never really wanted to resign from the role but I moved a couple of years ago and never had an internet connection ever since except via tethering.
    Last week I installed a wireless "fiber", speed is decent and ping is surprisigly good, so that's why you might have seen me playing on our servers lately again and that's why I'd like to rejoin the admins team.

    I'm online mostly in the evening till late and anytime during the weekend till very late (especially now with the bars closed :D )
    About me
    Well, I think most, not all since I saw a few new names, know me from years back.
    I have traveled quite a bit in my life, I was a pilot, well I still am but that's not my job anymore, I now work in a big IT company in my area as SEC DEV-OPS.

    I love aviation, everything about IT, renewables, cinema and the usual thinghs.
    Oh, I also love that wet and juicy pink thing that makes your hands sticky, you know...the watermelon...
    Referred by i asked nobody this time :D Don't really wanna boither people
    Favourite Server Zombie Hunting V1, Zombie Hunting V3, ZombieEscape
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  4. Slowian

    Slowian Well-Known Member EliteHunterz Clan Member Gameserver Admin Donator

    17 Mar 2019
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    Ingame name Slowian
    Steam username kalkulacja_2_3
    SteamID STEAM_0:0:47103148
    Age 19
    Location Poland

    English knowledge Intermediate
    Other languages Polish
    Previous bans
    2017-07-04: Rejoining, rejoin as last CT
    2017-08-24: Teaming
    Past admin experience

    I have been a part of this community for a few years now.
    As some of you might already know, I started playing on EH servers back in 2016/2017.
    I enjoyed playing here and your servers quickly became my favourites.
    I was playing more and more, years have passed, I have met a lot of people, made many friends, joined EH clan.
    What can I say? I love this community and I decided that I want to do something for EliteHunterZ.
    I want to become an admin because I want to help. I am on the server pretty much every day and I can see what is going on.
    There are lots of rulebreakers, people are cheating, blocking on purpose, insulting...
    I have been watching it all happening from side, without doing anything for far too long.
    Time for a change.

    I have a lot of free time, my activity will not be a problem.

    Thank you for reading my application.
    About me
    My name is Kamil, I am 19 years old.
    I am from Poland.
    Still studying in mechanic school, more precisely on a car mechanic profile.
    I love playing games and listening to music, that's how I spend most of my free time.
    Referred by Easy; Havoc; Blue; Dev1ne
    Favourite Server Zombie Hunting V1, Zombie Hunting V3
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  5. AḃṹHṹṋṫḝṙ

    AḃṹHṹṋṫḝṙ New Member Donator

    16 Nov 2020
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    Ingame name AbuHunter
    Steam username AḃṹHṹṋṫḝṙ
    SteamID STEAM_0:1:46502812
    Age 32
    Location Hamburg, Germany

    English knowledge Advanced
    Other languages Fluently in Dutch and German
    Previous bans
    No bans!
    Past admin experience
    I have started playing CS: Souce since 2011 and I have more than 3,512 hrs on record. I was also one of the Head Admin, Administrator, and Donator of another CS: Source Zombie server called ''Hellz Zombie Server''. It used to be one of the most popular Zombie Server back in the days.

    For many years I played on Hellz Zombie Server until I had other obligations in my life such as studies and work. So I left Hellz Server.

    Now I am where I need to be in life and have free time to play on CS: Source Zombie Server :)
    There are lots of Zombie Servers on CS: Souce.
    However, I don’t want to become an Admin for just any Server. I chose EliteHunterZ because from what I gathered during my playing hours, EliteHunterZ provide great service for its players, and the players also have great fun :)

    Basically, I'm looking for a long-term commitment, where I can carry out my duties as an Admin with good accomplishments and professionalism.

    Hopefully, I can look forward to playing and contributing in any way possible on EliteHunterZ for many years to come :)
    About me
    I am a reliable, trustworthy, and professional person who can be relied upon maturity and taking reasoned and appropriate decisions.

    Understand the responsibility that comes with the role and with my flexible and adaptable personal situation I can spend the necessary hours on the EliteHunterZ forum and be active in the game.

    Also, I am good at teamwork, I adapt quickly and I can also be left alone to continue with my responsibilities with little supervision :)
    Referred by I wish I had someone that could refer me. But unfortunately I don't have EliteHunterz friends yet.
    Favourite Server Zombie Hunting V3
  6. Hard

    Hard Well-Known Member

    24 Jun 2020
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    Ingame name Hard , NinJa
    Steam username Official NinJa
    SteamID STEAM_0:1:456161124
    Age 17
    Location Kathmandu, Nepal

    English knowledge Elementary
    Other languages Perfectly (Nepali,Hindi,Newari) a bit confuse = English
    Previous bans
    3 bans :)
    Past admin experience
    I had own server
    When my internet not working
    I started playing ZM MOD with BOT
    i have all plugins which installed in EH server
    I started playing on your server since 2012
    4 years ago
    I regularly played css ,csgo on Cyber when my school finished

    I saw many of players not following game objectives
    , cts knifing zombie on roof (cbble) and other player cant record while they teaming
    There r too many things like this
    Nowadays i am most active well known member in forum and in game too
    So i decide again i apply my 6th application here

    Hope i will accept soon
    Thanks for reading

    About me
    17 years old
    Studying in 10
    Class 2nd boy
    Live with family
    Referred by Easy , Slowian , Monster
    Favourite Server Zombie Hunting V1, Zombie Hunting V3
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