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25 Mar 2010
Hey everyone!
Early on Wednesday last week (2021-03-10) a fire destroyed the entire datacenter where one of our servers was hosted. You can find more about it here
Here is what it looked like

Unfortunately the server we had there hosted the most important services we run. The fire effectively killed:
  • Sourcebans
  • Forum
  • All CS:S servers
  • HlstatsX
  • Email server
  • Donations/Premium portal
  • Half of our EU surf servers
  • Servers from some of our private clients
  • A bunch of other smaller services

Fortunately we had database backups for all of the services, however we did not have scheduled recent backups for data outside of the databases.
We therefore lost access to forum attachments uploaded in the last 2 years, server plugins, configs customization applied in the last 6 months, maps and models recently uploaded.

We were fortunately already in the process of moving a lot of services into a new server so we were not caught completely off guard and thanks to the awesome team running this community we already managed to achieve the following:
  • Restore CS:S zm V3 (V1 was actually already moved)
  • Restore all surf servers + private servers
  • Restore the donation system
  • Restore our email server
  • Install Xenforo 2 (this forum) and migrate all our data from our previous Xenforo 1 installation
  • Buy a whole bunch of addons, themes, licenses for our new forum (we spent about $150 for this alone! Donos appreciated 🙌)
  • Restore sourcebans guaranteeing that banned players stay out of our servers and that admins retain their powers to moderate our servers
  • Restore stats with hlstatsx (god only knows how such an old software still runs on the latest PHP version)

The amount of hours we put in to fix this mess is incredible, in 5 days alone we achieved the impossible, within the next couple of days we expect to have all CS:S servers restored as well.

As a bonus we expect that issues such as the infamous "long knife" on ZM V3 will greatly improve given that the hardware is much more recent, so hurrah for that!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking with us in these crazy times and a bigger thank you to those who decide(d) to support us financially!


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26 Mar 2012
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Introducing Prometheus as new donation system for our CS:S Zombiemod servers

  • Donations are now processed automatically (Steam login required on the shop page)
  • The shop includes a profile page with information about your spendings and packages
  • In addition to PayPal, the payment methods now also include Stripe
  • See the duration of your package with the ingame command !vip
  • Shop Skins (The Engineer, Nanosuit and Harley Quinn) are accessed with the ingame command !store
  • Specials Skins (Prestige skins, admin skins and event skins) are accessed with the ingame command !zclass
  • Notice: To set your default model to a skin from !zclass, a skin from !store must not be equipped. Otherwise the equipped skin from !store will be set as default model and assigned upon map change or when joining the server.
  • Shop page available at [EliteHunterZ] Store
  • For feedback please refer to Donation: Support & Feedback

Many thanks to the team and special thanks to ThirtyEight for making this major change happen!
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